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Taxonomic Name Resolution Service v2.0


The TNRS API is in the early stages of development. Currently it consists of a single service to which a list of names is submitted.

Use GET to call to the matchNames service, found at:

Easy ways to submit names to the service include entering a query in your web browser or using the Linux curl tool.

Two parameters are required:

  • retrieve specifies whether to retrieve all matches for the names submitted. There are currently two options: retrieve=best retrieves only the single best match for each name submitted; retrieve=all retrieves all matches.
  • names is followed by a comma separated list of names being submitted. Spaces in names must be url-encoded.

Here is a short example in which the best matches are requested for four names:,acacia,solanum,saltea

Output is currently returned in JSON format. The service will be expanded soon to support output in XML and CSV as well. In addition, parameters will be added soon to specify output format, encoding, and compression of the results.

Source Code

All source code is available in our GitHub repository

Except where noted below, code is licensed using this standard BSD license, which is an Open Source Initiative-approved license.

We built on two existing open source projects, each of which retain their original licensing.

  • TaxaMatch (link to repo to be added) from this this repository was modified to customize it for use with our service and uses the Apache 2.0 license.
  • GNI's name parser (link to repo to be added) from this repository was also modified slightly to better fit our service and uses a BSD style license.
For these, as with all our code, the exact license for each component is available in the code repository as LICENSE.